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IAS Officers in AP Continue to Make High Court Angry?

The public servants and other authorities in Andhra Pradesh are having a tough time in court. As they are not implementing the orders issued by the court, it is making the court angry and the public servants are facing the heat. At regular intervals, we are hearing that officials get punishment from the court.

Despite seeing fellow public servants facing the wrath of the High Court, they are not changing their mistakes, and again and again, they are doing the same mistake. In the same fashion, three Indian Administrative Service(IAS) officers were slapped with a jail sentence and a fine in contempt of court case.

The High Court took a serious note of the officials failing to impose the orders issued by the court in the past. On the same grounds, Justice B Devanand issued the orders. During the arguments, the Justice said that the officials had disobeyed the orders and for that, they were slapped with a jail term of one month along with a fine of Rs 2,000 each.

Hearing a contempt of court petition, Justice Devavand said that he is satisfied with the arguments that the three IAS officers failed to implement the orders and awarded them a jail sentence.

Special Chief Secretary (Agriculture) Poonam Malakondaiah, former Agriculture Special Commissioner H Arun Kumar, and former Kurnool District Collector G Veerapandian were found guilty of not implementing the orders and they were directed to finish the term. As a big relief, the sentence of H Arun Kumar and G Veerapandian was suspended after they requested the Justice for the same.

Unhappy with Poonam Malakondaiah skipping the hearing, the Justice said no to canceling the sentence for CS. The Special CS had to approach the bench and get a big relief there.

The case traces back to 2019. A person had approached the court saying that his candidacy for the Village Agriculture Assistant (Grade-2) was not approved and moved the court. Hearing the petition, the court directed the trio to look into it and give the required orders. But they did not do so. The issue reached the court and the Justice directed them to serve a jail term.

The IAS officials got relief from serving a jail term and it is ok. But what is stopping them from implementing the court orders? Who asked them to disobey the orders and face the heat? What message do they want to give to the public?

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