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Has Telangana Become Tweets State Lately?

The farmers are the biggest vote bank in any region as people belonging to various communities take part in the profession. Sadly, they are the ones who get neglected the most. No matter who is in power, the farmers’ suicides are not stopping. This is a key area that should be addressed at the earliest.

As the grand old party, Congress is trying hard to bring back the loft glory, the party is gearing up to hit the bulls’ eye. To meet the farmers and know their issues, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is coming to Telangana. During his visit, he will meet the farmers from a few regions to understand their plight.

Given the political heat around the farmer issues in the state, the leaders and parties are indulging in a tweet war with tweets, re-tweets, and counter tweets coming from all the concerns. Looking at the flood of tweets, one wonders if Telangana had become a tweet state.

Ahead of Rahul Gandhi’s visit, the political parties are indulging in a war of words in an intense political war. Telangana Chief Minister KCR’s daughter Kalvakuntla Kavitha had welcomed Rahul Gandhi in style. In her tweet, she had asked what did the Congress party do when TRS was fighting for the state interests in the parliament.

Joining the force, IT Minister KTR said that, Rahul Gandhi is welcome to enter the state so that he can study how farmer-friendly policies look like. He even asked, what measures did Congress take for the farmers ruled by the party.

The Congress party had hit back saying that TRS is fearing Rahul Gandhi and that is why they are making these comments. Senior Congress leader and former Nizamabad MP Madhu Yashki Goud replied to Kavitha’s comments and said that despite knowing that they would lose AP, the Congress party bifurcated Telangana and that tells the commitment the party has towards the Telangana.

As the ruling TRS has been flaunting the welfare and dubbing itself a pro-farmers government, the BJP and Congress launched an attack and in a series of tweets, the parties have highlighted the election promises of TRS.

Mentioning the election promises made by the TRS which were not fulfilled by teh government so far, the opposition parties advised TRS to look into the state first. With the political fight happening through tweets, everyone wonders if Telangana had become a tweets state.

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