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How Long Can You Fool on Polavaram Ambati Rambabu!

As firebrand leader Ambati Rambabu was made the Irrigation Minister in the new cabinet, he is visiting various projects in the state to examine the progress of the development of the structures. The other day, he visit the Polavaram project, the dream project of the people of the state since the state was combined.

Instead of saying what the government had done for the project and when the project will be finished, Ambati Rambabu had simply put the blame on former Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu and the previous government led by the Telugu Desam Party.

Talking about the delay in finishing the work on the project, Ambati Rambabu said that due to the damage caused to the diaphragm wall, the project is getting delayed and blamed the previous government. The Cabinet Minister said that the earlier government did not focus on the wall and let it be and due to this the diaphragm wall was damaged. If not for the damage, there would have been good progress.

One wonders how long the blame game will go in the state. It’s been three years since the YCP came into power. Instead of saying what they have done in the period, Ambati Rambabu is saying if th previous government would have done the work correctly it would have been good.

Believing in the aggressive campaign that TDP had kept the state interests aside, voters have voted YCP to power. Looks like Ambabti Rambabu forgot the fact that it is YCP that is in power and the TDP is in opposition.

Three years is a big time and Polavaram is dubbed as the dream project of late YSR and the Ministers who often say that YSR is a great leader are unable to make good progress in the construction. Though the project cannot be finished in three years, at least an encouraging amount of work can be done.

Rather than telling the people how much development the project went through in their regime in the past three years, Ambati Rambabu is singing the same tune of the blame game.

Mr. Ambabti Rambabu, you are in power now and you should inform the people on the ground reality of the progress in the construction. You cannot simply blame the opposition all the time.

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