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Prashant Kishor’s Big Announcement on doing Padayatara!

Popular political strategist Prashant Kishor is a sensation now. Everyone wants to know what he is doing now and what he wants to do in the future. The interest around him grew further when he hinted that he would launch a political outfit to reach out to the public as the public is the real masters.

After keeping everyone guessing about what he will do next, Prashant Kishor made a big statement that he would embark on a massive padayatra covering 3,000 kilometers in his home state Bihar. He even fixed date to start the big day in his political journey.

Speaking to the media, Prashant Kishor said that, on October 2 he will start the padayatra in which he will cover 3,000 km in Bihar. He said that he wanted to start the padayatra for new thinking and effort in the state of Bihar.

Padayatra is the biggest opportunity for the political leaders to meet the people directly and know the issues faced by the people of the region. Now Prashant Kishor had opted for the same system to go to the public in the state.’

Though Prashant Kishor said that there is no election coming in the state and he is not making any alliances with any party, it is believed that Prashant Kishor wants to get the details of the issues in which the state is lagging.

Prashant Kishor has a good knowledge of the facilities and other things in Bihar as he was born and brought up there. On top of this, he plans to do a padayatra to meet the public in the state. He will have a clear advantage given the familiarity he has with the region.

As he had attacked the current and previous governments of Bihar for neglecting the development in the state, experts feel that he might use the lack of facilities in the state to boost his political mileage.

Bihar will go to the polls in 2025 and Prashant Kishor now has three years in hand. In the same period, he might start a few more padayatras and other events to meet the public.

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