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Rahul Gandhi’s Foreign Trips and BJP Attack match made in Heaven!

The Congress party is in the middle of a big crisis after losing back-to-back Lok Sabha polls. In many states, the party is not in a position to give competition in the polls. Seeing the graph of saffron party Bharatiya Janata Party going up at a faster rate, the grand old Congress party has been attacking the BJP on the foreign visits of PM Modi.

One such effort made by Congress to target BJP and Modi over the foreign trip did not go as planned and backfired largely. The issue ended up with Gandhi scion Rahul Gandhi facing the music from all the corners. The BJP leaders are severely trolling Rahul Gandhi for touring foreign leaving his party.

Reacting to the criticism, the Congress party replied saying that Rahul Gandhi went to Nepal to attend the wedding of his friend Sumanima Udas, who is a Nepali. While the reply given by the Congress party did damage control by a level, the heat around the issue is still on.

Looking at the issue from a critical point of view, this is not the first time Rahul Gandhi was spotted spending time in foreign nations when his party is facing elections and fighting the crisis. Adding fuel to this, Rahul Gandhi’s foreign visits have been giving a golden chance for the BJP to attack the Congress party.

It has become a practice that, when even Rahul Gandhi goes on a foreign trip, the BJP takes a dig at him and says that the Congress party wants to show the country that Rahul Gandhi as the Prime Minister face who prefers partying in other nations over working for his party.

With growing criticism and continuous election losses of Congress in various polls, Rahul Gandhi had stepped down as the Congress chief. To hold the cadre and leaders and stop them from leaving the party, Gandhi’s family daughter-in-law Sonia Gandhi took the position and has been serving as the interim chief of the Congress party.

Talking about Sumnima Udas who has been in the Indian news with Rahul Gandhi’s Nepal visit works with CNN International and covers news for the outlet in India. She takes care of various aspects like political and economic issues. She is an award-winning journalist.

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