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Rajasthan Violence: BJP and Congress Target Each Other

Today is a big day for the Muslims and Hindus as well with the two big festivals belonging to both communities falling on the same day. Today marks Eid and Akshaya Tritiya. While both communities are celebrating the festivals with high enthusiasm, a tense situation had gripped an Indian state.

With the two communities celebrating the festivals on the same day, a tense situation erupted in Rajasthans Jodhpur. Media reports say that an issue had broken between the two communities and that led to a tense situation in the famous city.

The violence had taken the political route in quick time with the state government led by the grand old Congress party and the saffron party Bharatiya Janata Party locking horns with each other. While the BJP is attacking Congress alleging that the government had failed to control the situation, the Congress hit back saying that BJP is trying to use the issue for political benefits.

Keeping up the fight, the Congress party had attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that the PM is interested in a foreign visit when India is going through a tense situation. In a Hindi tweet, the official handle of the Congress Party said that the country is in a tense situation, but Saheb(PM Modi) wants to roam foreign.

Not taking a back step, the Bharatiya Janata Party is widely sharing a video that shows Rahul Gandhi aka Raga having a gala time at a bar in a foreign country. While there is no information on when the video was shot, it shows Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi having a drink and grooving to the music playing in the background.

With the video of Rahul Gandhi landing in their hands, the saffron party Bharatiya Janata Party is aggressively attacking the Congress party and has been asking why Rahul Gandhi wants to party and enjoy in foreign when the state ruled by his party is going through a rough pace.

Listing out all the instances where Rahul Gandhi was spotted spending time in foreign nations when India is seeing tense situations, the BJP is lashing out at the grand old party and asked how the party can talk about others when their leader had put foreign above India in the middle of the tense situation.

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