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After FASTag, Govt Working on Satellite Based System at Plazas?

The union government had made a big change in terms of infrastructure at the toll plazas. To put an end to the long waiting at the toll plazas, the union government had brought a system named FASTag. With the emergence of the current system, commuters are getting a big relief in passing through the toll plazas on the highways.

Earlier, the vehicles at the toll plazas used to pay money directly. To do away with that, the Union government led by the BJP had brought the FASTag system, through which, the commuters can pay using the FASTag card. By scanning the card, the commuters can pay the toll amount.

Now the government is believed to have started work on updating the existing system and bringing a new system that runs using the satellite system. Based on the km the vehicle covers, the amount will be charged.

Reports say that the system was reportedly tested as a pilot project and the result is satisfactory for the authorities. Upon conducting a few more exercises, the new system that operates by using the satellite system might be launched in India.

While the satellite system is new in India, it is already in use in western countries. Many developed nations are using the system and the commuters there are having a good time with the system.

As the system charges an amount based on the distance the vehicle covers, the commuters will not have to pay either less or a higher amount.

With the current system, whenever the vehicle passes through a toll plaza, the commuters have to pay money even if the distance they cover is very less. If the new system comes into existence, the commuters will get a big relief, and only for the distance they cover, they will have to pay the amount.

The satellite system works in a way that it tracks the movement of vehicles from the toll plaza to the toll plaza. Calculating the distance it covers, the system generates the amount and by paying the same the commuters can have safe and easy travel on the national highway.

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