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Why Prashant Kishor Turning Politician a Big Concern?

Prashant Kishor is a name that needs no introduction. Thanks to his success rate, he had established himself as a modern political Chanakya. His contribution and political advice he gives to the parties help the outfits. From regional to national, Prashant Kishor had proved himself on many occasions.

Recently, he made tough efforts to join the grand old Congress party. But things did not work and he said no to the offer made by the Congress party. Prashant Kishor said that Congress doesn’t need people like him and all it needs is strong leadership.

Despite all his success and credit, Prashant Kishor has been facing criticism for his work as many question what’s the point in having a democracy when people like him work for the parties. If the parties are worthy enough, there is no need of Prashant Kishors.

Looking at the situation of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee had emerged victorious and the state witnessed many post-poll violence incidents. From rape to assaults, West Bengal saw some intense and tense situations. Unhappy with a few sections of people supporting the BJP, the ruling TMC reportedly targeted them.

It’s been 75 years since India got independence from the British. But still, people like Prashant Kishor are making the political parties divide people on the basis of caste and religion for political gains.

One thing that is common among the parties for which Prashant Kishor works is that the parties had announced many freebies as part of the election campaign. While implementing the same freebies, the respective states are on the verge of nearing disaster.

Citing the example of the current disaster in Sri Lanka, many experts have warned that a few states are very close to experiencing what the island nation Sri Lanka is facing now. The issue of the states heading towards the disaster was taken to the notice of the Union Government as well.

While Prashant Kishor is indirectly responsible for the problematic situations in a few states, he is now reportedly gearing up to venture into the electoral polls. In his recent post, he hinted that he is getting ready to meet the real masters, the people. The question of what happens to our democracy arises here.

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