When important roles not shown in films on screen


Movie lovers watch films with keen interest and the makers try to entertain them with their narration. There are many films in which the makers refer to a character but that character never appears on the screen ,though the entire story revolves around it.

In Raviteja’s Avunu Vaalliddaru Ishata Paddaru, there was talk about Raviteja’s mother but nowhere she appears on the screen. In Nuvvu Vastavani, Nagarjuna’s has a mother. The makers tell that she donated her eyes to the heroine but she never appears on the screen. In Chavu Kaburu Challaga, heroine Lavanya Tripathi’s husband never appears on the screen.

Nara Rohit’s Rowdy Fellow talks about his father but he never appears on the screen. In Nagarjuna’s Chandralekha Ramya Krishna was shown eloping with her boyfriend Rajkumar but he was not shown on screen. In Siddharth, Genelia’s Bommarillu, Siddharth’s sister Surekha Vani’s husband stays in the US and she talks to him over the phone but he never appears on the screen.

Sharwanand, Samantha’s Janu shows Samantha as a mother of a child but her husband was not shown. Nani’s Gangleader shows Priyanka Arul Mohan engaged to a guy but he never appears on the screen. Pawan Kalyan’s Vakeel Saab shows Nivetha Thomas confessing about her boyfriend but he was not shown on screen but in the end, Nivetha was shown getting engaged to a person. In RX 100, it was shown that Payal Rajput cheats Karthikeya and marries another person but he was not shown.


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