What Will Be The Future Of Pan-Indian Movies?


Thanks to ‘Baahubali’, a massive market opened for the Tollywood heroes. They eyed the opportunity of gaining a national-level market with universally appealing scripts. With Bollywood filmmakers running out of ideas, the North audience also started showing more interest in South Indian films. To utilize this opportunity, many of our South Indian heroes starting making pan-Indian content.

They started pan-Indian projects that will be releasing in multiple languages. Just when everything was about to fall in line, the pandemic completely shattered their plans. The entire 2020 went in vain and things seemed to return to normalcy in 2021 but the second wave has hit the nation once again. Many big films like ‘RRR’, ‘KGF’, ‘Pushpa’ and many others were supposed to release on a huge scale. They even announced the release dates beforehand in order to avoid competition.

But each and every film release is pushed back by at least 4 months. The theatre owners made it clear that they may not open the screens for the next few months. We don’t know how long it takes for the audience to return to theatres once again after they reopen. Due to this, the situation of pan-Indian films have become quite critical. We need to wait and see what happens.


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