Vijayendra Prasad to elevate best teacher’s heroics


Rajamouli’s father Vijayendra Prasad is known for his powerful stories and high octane entertainers. Generally, people find it difficult to ready stories and develop ideas into stories. Many of them take months and years to ready a story.

But Vijayendra Prasad  is completely different. He many times revealed that it is very easy for him to develop ideas into stories. According to the latest Vijayendra Prasad  is planning to elevate the heroics of the best teacher on the silver screen.

He is readying a story on Maharashtra’s Ranjit Sinha, who won the best teacher award from 190 countries for the year 2020. He said that inspired by Ranjith Sinha he is readying a story on him.

This is increasing the interest among movie lovers across the country. Now the question is who will star in the role of Ranjit Sinha and who will direct the film. Vijayendra Prasad  is currently providing stories for Rajamouli’s RRR multi starrer with Ram Charan and NTR, Rajamouli’s next with Mahesh Babu, and also a couple of Bollywood projects. 


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