To help Covid-19 patients, Rakul Preet Singh starts a fundraiser, urges everyone to contribute


India is now stuck in the jaws of Covid’s second wave. Seeing the horrific scenes in the country, celebrities are starting fundraising campaigns to lend a helping hand in treating the patients.

Actress Rakul Preet Singh has come forward to help India. As a bid to help patients in getting treatment for the virus, Rakul started fundraising and appealed to everyone to contribute to the fundraiser so that many lives can be saved.

Talking to the media, the Spyder actress said she was moved by the devastating situation of the country as every day we have been hearing stories of patients struggling hard with the hospitals struggling for medical equipment.

The fundraiser was started with an aim to provide medical oxygen and other life-saving equipment, the actress maintained.

The actress urged everyone to donate to the fundraiser so that everyone can become part of the life-saving cause. People can donate in small amounts too. We are requesting people to contribute Rs 100 to the fundraiser and they can contribute even more. The money they contribute will be life-saving for many, Rakul Preet Singh added.


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