The secret behind Nani’s sea change


Natural Star Nani is known for his light-hearted romantic and emotional entertainers. He is currently busy with Tuck Jagadeesh, Shyam Singha Roy. His other film Ante Sundaraniki is under production. Expectations are high on all the projects of Nani as he is known to do different genre entertainers.

Now inside talk is Nani has taken a tough decision. Nani decided not to listen to any new stories till he completes the current projects. Recently reports came that Venu Sriram narrated a story to Nani and Nani also lined up a project with a newcomer.

It is not clear whether Nani put these two projects also on hold or not. Inside talk is Nani has taken this decision due to the coronavirus pandemic and the prevalent situation in the country which affected all industries. Nani according to his close aides feels due to him others shouldn’t suffer due to the unpredictability about the future. 


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