Thaman Hits Back At Netizen Who Tried To Pull His Leg!


SS Thaman, one of the leading Music Directors in the industry, is also the most trolled celebrity on social media. Memers and Facebook pages don’t leave any chance to make fun of Thaman.

The best part is that the Music Director won’t take the trolling to heart and responds to the jokes and trolls in a cool way. This gives the memers to troll Thaman even more.

In his initial days, Thaman faced the rumors that he follows a similar pattern in his tunes and his tunes are inspired by other’s works. He even gave a clarification on this that he gave such tunes when directors gave him the CDs of other albums saying that they need a similar tune.

Now the music director has changed his style and coming with catchy tunes and his songs make records in YouTube views. His last outing Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo’s album was a chartbuster and has record views on YouTube.

Despite this, netizens try to pull his leg. When a netizen tried to do the same, Thaman gave a stunning reply to the netizen and the reply he gave to the rude netizen is now going rounds on social media.

Sharing a picture of Brahmanandam, a netizen said, he will tell his kids that this was Music Director Thaman. “Gonna tell my kids..this was SS Thaman @MusicThaman,” the post reads.

Thaman has decided to give it back to the rude netizen. In a befitting reply, Thaman advised the netizen to tell his wife that he is wasting his time making such memes and she will realize that she got married to a useless memer.

“Meanwhile PLS tell ur wife tat U Wr busy doing this memes bro she will proud of You tat she married a useless memmer !! In LIFE ,” Thaman replied.


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