Suresh Babu to Retire from Filmmaking?


Taking the great legacy of his late father, legendary producer Rama Naidu, Suresh Babu bankrolled many blockbusters and super hits under Suresh Productions for the past three decades. 

All that glory of Suresh Babu is becoming eroded with the sole reason being attributed upon the producer, himself.

Ever since the spread of the Covid and subsequent lockdown by the union government in 2020, Suresh Babu appears to have lost interest in movie making. Whenever, the journos quizzed him about the reopening of theatres, Suresh Babu would show the signs of despair. He has never been confident about bouncing back with rejuvenation. 

And now, Suresh Babu has gone to an extreme selling of his films Drushyam 2, Naarappa and Viraataparvam’s rights to OTTs. Despite having several theatres to his own/lease across Telugu states, Suresh Babu has taken such a weird decision.

What does Suresh Babu’s gesture foretell to us? Maybe he is all set to announce his retirement from movie making. Let’s wait for Suresh Babu’s next move.


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