Sonu Sood opens up on how he is managing funds for his foundation!


Actor Sonu Sood’s image can be seen before the pandemic and after the pandemic. After the Covid hit the country, the reel baddie emerged as a real-time hero, thanks to his humanitarian work.

From helping migrant workers to reach their native place to supplying required medicines and airlifting Indians struck in other countries and currently focused on supplying medical oxygen to the patients, the actor has helped a lot of people who are in need.

The real hero is still keeping up his humanitarian work and lending a helping hand to the needy. Despite the noble work, a section of people is accusing the hero of receiving funds from foreign countries.

Amid this, Sonu Sood gave an interview to an international Television channel. In the interview, the actors opened up on how he is able to help the needy.

Sonu Sood said, getting inspired by his help, a lot of people have come forward to become part of the noble act. Besides sending donations, they are extending their help in various ways. By adding the money I have been receiving as donations with the money I have, I am able to carry out the help, Sonu Sood said.

The response I get from the people I helped and the satisfaction I get by helping others cannot be described in words. The satisfaction is inspiring me to help more and more people. With the support and collaboration of the companies, we were able to provide jobs for 2 lakh people, he said.


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