Sonu Sood Commercial?


Noted actor Sonusood is lauded by the people as a real hero for his extensive charitable works. Sonusood came forward to offer his helping hand to some needy people during the first wave of covid spread last year. Sonusood, however, is rumored to have got financial support from a Singapore company recently, which is rumored to have released Rs.250 crore to Sonusood. Sonu is now extending his charitable works across the country with the funds raised through such companies. 

Meanwhile, senior director Tammareddy Bharadwaj has made shocking comments on Sonusood. Tamareddy disclosed an incident alleging that Sonu was commercial those days. Tamareddy said he approached Sonu four years ago, seeking his participation in a fundraising event for differently abled people. Tammareddy alleged that Sonusood demanded money for the charitable event. 

“Though Sonusood was commercial then, he is now a changed man. He appears like a God now and we can’t criticize him now,” Tammareddy said.


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