Shocking revelations about Chatrapati Hindi remake


Bellamkonda Srinivas is set to make his Bollywood debut with Chatrapati remake. The film is directed by V.V.Vinayak. Srinivas’ choice surprised many who wondered whether Srinivas would be able to match Prabhas’ macho looks and action in the original.

Sometime back even rumors spread that the project was shelved. But the project is very much on and now speaking to scribes, VV. Vinayak made shocking revelations about Chatrapati remake.

He said “Neither I nor Srinivas planned to do Chatrapati remake. However, Bollywood production house after seeing the craze for Srinivas’ dubbing films decided to remake Chatrapati with Srinivas and selected me as the director. I had dreams of remaking Simhadri in Bollywood but I got the chance to remake Chatrapati”

Vinayak revealed that he met Vijayendra Prasad for changes in the script for the Hindi version. He said ‘ Vijayendra Prasad has the experience of providing super hit stories for Bollywood films. So we requested his help with the script work. We have to discuss this with Rajamouli. Since he is busy with RRR work, we couldn’t meet him. We will soon meet and get his inputs before proceeding ahead with Chatrapati to attract North movie lovers”.


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