Sensational Comments On Chiru-Uday Kiran


Whenever the name of Uday Kiran comes in, one remembers Chiranjeevi. It may be recalled that Uday Kiran got engaged to Chiranjeevi ’s daughter Sushmitha. But the wedding was cancelled later.

Even after many years, Chiranjeevi is kept on pestered with these comments on Uday Kiran, more so after laterr’s death in 2014. Many blamed Chiranjeevi as the reason behind Uday Kiran’s death.  Now a senior journalist made interesting comments on this in an interview.

The journalist said that Chiranjeevi shouldn’t be blamed for Uday Kiran’s death as he is nowhere related to it. The reason behind the wedding getting called off is that any father wants his daughter to get placed well with a man who can look after for a lifetime. And Uday Kiran was no match, thus the wedding was called off.

He added that Chiranjeevi didn’t stop any offers coming in for Uday Kiran. Chiranjeevi who enjoys a good name, wondered why he would spoil his anime by doing such things, questioned the scribe. 


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