RRR Team’s Unique Promotions


RRR, the followup of Baahubali, by Rajamouli makes the buzz on the film massive and since it brings two biggest celebrated stars of the Indian cinema, Ram Charan and Jr NTR together for the first time, the hype is doubled around RRR..

Meanwhile, Rajamouli is leaving no stone unturned to promote. RRR. The team interacted with popular doctor and discussed various things regarding COVID-19. The team shooted the questions regarding Coronavirus that is on people’s head.

The interaction happened on Instagram with the title- The Doctor’s Guide To COVID-19. What caught our attention is Rajamouli;s unique strategy by promoting RRR and also talking about pandemic. Well, Rajamouli truly is an ace filmmaker who knows how to make his product reach the public. 


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