RRR Surprise Revealed!


Rajamouli’s RRR is the most awaited film by movie buffs across the nation. The pan-India film stars Ram Charan, Jr NTR and other Bollywood actors and international artiste too.

RRR is penned by Vijayendra Prasad, Rajamouli’s father and celebrated screenwriter. RRR’s biggest surprise has been let out by none other than Vijayendra Prasad

The writer revealed that he happened to see the film which is under production. While he didnt name any actor but spoke only of Alia Bhatt calling her the biggest surprise of RRR. He said that though she has a limited screen frame she makes a solid impact.

RRR is planned for released on October 13. Despite the COVID grim situation, makers are hoping to get it released on the announced date. 


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