Renu Desai Keeps Her Inbox Open In Order To Help Those In Need!


Actress and filmmaker Renu Desai is known for her social activities. A while ago, she went live on Instagram and said that she is going to keep her inbox open so that people in need can message her. She asked people not to message her about money but about oxygen cylinders, blood and plasma instead.

She told people not to spam her inbox with unnecessary messages as messages of people in need may get lost. Renu Desai went ahead and asked people not to go outside and stay safe by watching movies, listening to music or doing whatever they can to keep busy. She said that the present situation is worrying her as she is hearing a lot of news about people dying. She said that she did everything she could by posting stories about requirements of people but it is not enough which is why she opened up her message box so that many people can come in touch with her.

Her effort is being appreciated by everyone and let us all do our duty as responsible citizens by staying in our homes and go out only when it is absolutely necessary. Stay Home. Stay Safe!


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