Ravi Teja Brings In Bunny’s Trainer For His Next!


Rumour mills claim that Ravi Teja roped in Allu Arjun’s trainer for his upcoming project. Interestingly, the trainer is not for physical fitness but for mastering the Chittoor dialect. As it is known, Allu Arjun will be mouthing dialogues in Chittor dialect for his high-budget film ‘Pushpa’. For perfecting the nuances, Bunny hired a dialect trainer and with Ravi Teja’s film too being set in the Chittoor backdrop, he reportedly brought in the same trainer to perfect the slang.

This Ravi Teja’s 69th film and he will be seen as a righteous government officer who gets transferred all the time. What happens when he ends up in Chittoor forms the story’s crux and the ‘Kick’ hero will be seen in a clean shaved look akin to government officials. While the film will also have some trademark Ravi Teja moments, Rajisha Vijayan and Divyansha Kaushik are the leading ladies. This project is expected to kickstart in July.


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