Pressure on Jagan & CBN to Do It Like Chiranjeevi


Megastar Chiranjeevi‘s charitable services have now proudly been named as ‘Chiranjeevi BLOOD BANK, OXYGEN BANK AND EYE BANK’. Since he is doing this social service with his hard earned money, his charitable trusts were proudly titled with his name. 

But then, looking into the the AP CM Jagan Reddy’s welfare schemes, they have been titled as, ‘YSR Pension’, ‘YSR Vidya Deevena’, ‘YSR Raithu Bharosa’, ‘Jagananna Vidya Kaanuka’, ‘Jagananna Kapu Nestham’ etc. However, the money spent for all these schemes has been levied from people in the form of taxes. Neither a single rupee nor one gram of gold has been taken out from Jagan Reddy’s pockets. 

Similarly, when Chandrababu Naidu was ruling the state, the TDP’s schemes were titled as, ‘NTR Sujala Sravanthi’, ‘NTR Vidyonnathi’, ‘NTR Vaidya Seva’, ‘Chandranna Bheema’, ‘Chandranna Cheyutha’, ‘Chandranna Baata’ etc. Here also, neither Chandrababu nor late NTR had taken out any single rupee of their own earnings for those schemes.

Chiranjeevi is learnt to have been investing Rs.44 crore to establish oxygen banks one each in every district. He needs to spend more for their maintenance and for the salaries of the workers. Besides, he has been paying salaries for the employees of blood and eye banks for more than two decades. 

Naidu has earned lakhs of crores in his lifetime. His Heritage itself is valued to thousands of crores. But then, no single milk packet was supplied free of cost for the needy. 

Before stepping into the shoes of politics, Jagan Reddy was a great entrepreneur. He was buzzed to have earned thousands of crores under his dad YSR’s regime. His cement company ‘Bharathi Cements’ itself costs thousands of crores. 

Even now, CBN and Jagan have great opportunities to donate hundreds of crores to the needy from their own earnings and can raise collars against Chiranjeevi. The fans of both CBN and Jagan Reddy are urging them to stand bigger than Chiranjeevi as philanthropists. 


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