Prasanth Varma reveals HanuMan secrets


Prasanth Varma who captured the imagination of all with Awe which won a national award in 2018 is busy with his upcoming entertainer HanuMan with young hero Teja Sajja.

Prasanth Varma speaking to scribes, rubbished the rumors that HanuMan was an animated film. He made it clear that the film is a live-action entertainer. and added that the film is Tollywood’s first original superhero film

He said the film is inspired by Lord Hanuman and added that since childhood he was fascinated with superhero films and dreamed of becoming one. Speaking about the film’s progress,he said 40% of the shoot has been completed and added that he preferred Teja Sajja as he wanted a new face and an undergod. He said the film has 35% of CFX in it. 


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