Pawan’s tough decision during covid times


Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s personality surprises all. Pawan enjoys a huge fan following and his increasing fan following despite limited hits surprises all celebrities. Pawan is known for his helping hand and kind nature.

Now reports are coming that during corona times, Pawan has taken a tough decision. Inside talk is he decided to turn vegetarian and stay away from non-veg. He decided to take only organic products and eat only one time.

During that time rumours spread that Pawan has taken this decision to please God and help mankind as per the Hindu dharma. It is known that Pawan Kalyan recently recovered from covid. There is a strong belief that his decision to turn vegetarian helped him in his speedy recovery.

A few years back Pawan used to have a vegetarian diet and follow a strict diet. Pawan likes seafood and he used to cook his own food. But now Pawan started concentrating on having only healthy food. 


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