Pawans heroine lands in a huge controversy


Meera Chopra, cousin of Priyanka Chopra landed in huge controversy. Meera Chopra got covid vaccination but later the photo she shared on her social media landed her in huge controversy. Meera Chopra romanced Power Star Pawan Kalyan in Bangaram on her debut in Telugu.

In the picture, she flashed an identification card that showed her as a frontline worker. Soon after that BJP leader Niranjan Davkhare, questioned how can Meera Chopra get her vaccination posing as a frontline warrior, and demanded a thorough investigation.

Fallowing this Meera deleted her post. Later she claimed that the reports of her faking her way to get vaccination are wrong and added that the ID which was shown in her snap on social media doesn’t belong to her.

She said she condemns such practices and said she wanted to know why it is happening. Meera Chopra lost two of her family members in ten days due to the coronavirus pandemic’s second wave in the country. 


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