No Takers for Murali Mohan’s ‘Unanimous’ Words


One caste biased group is seriously trying to obstruct the victory of Prakash Raj as MAA president. As rumours have been rife that Prakash Raj is supported by both mega family and the TRS government, the caste biased group is moving its pawns quickly to prevent the domination of Prakash Raj’s panel. 

As such, veteran hero and character actor Murali Mohan was deployed by the opposition group. In his recent interview, Murali Mohan  asserted that there wouldn’t be elections to MAA this time, instead, the presidential candidate and the panel would be made unanimous. 

Though Murali Mohan’s words went viral on net, there were no takers from the contestants and their supporters especially from Prakash Raj’s panel. 

Meanwhile, Murali Mohan’s fans felt the veteran hero shouldn’t have touched the beehive at this crucial moment.


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