Nagarjuna’s overaction led to Manmadhudu 2 disaster?


When Nagarjuna announced Manmadhudu 2, sequel for his super hit film Manmadhudu with Rahul Ravindran, everyone got super excited as they couldn’t forget the magic Nagarjuna created as Manmadhudu on silver screen. 

However those who watched Manmadhudu 2, within minutes got a huge shock. The film turned out to be a disaster and many blasted Nagarjuna for doing such a film and naming it Manmadhudu 2. The starting scene which showed Nagarjuna involved in a sex scene left all shellshocked. 

Rahul Ravindran speaking about it said ‘ When we shot the scene, the entire cast and crew burst out with laughter but however we realised that movie lover did not like that scene in theatres. This one scene turned the film into a disaster”. Even now Nagarjuna is getting nightmares from Manmadhudu 2 as it cannot be compared with Manmadhudu which is an evergreen classic. 


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