Mahesh Babu’s Foreign Trainer Leaves India


Though many Telugu stars of Tollywood have put on a bit weight during the lockdown, Superstar Mahesh is consistently maintaining his weight. And the secret behind that is not that he has a gym at home, which many had, but he has a trainer available in person to him.

Back in February 2020, Mahesh hired a trainer from Italy, who will be modifying his physique for the upcoming Sarkaaru Vari Paata. And in March, his trainer is said to have thought to go back as Italy suffered major impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the following lockdown.

But until May, the trainer got locked in India only due to the travel restrictions. Even after flights are available to go, Mahesh’s trainer is said to have stayed in Hyderabad only, training the actor.

Finally, the buzz is coming out that the foreign trainer of the actor left, and the actor is on his own now. They say that the guy will come back to India once Mahesh resumes shooting, and will train him then. Meanwhile, international travel restrictions are being eased very soon allowing all the valid visa holders to shuttle in and out of India.


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