Is this 18 Pages storyline


Nikhil is one of the actors who get offers irrespective of the result of his films. Currently, Nikhil is busy with 18 Pages and Karthikeya 2. Nikhil’s upcoming entertainer 18 Pages is generating tremendous interest among movie lovers.

Now reports are coming that 18 Pages has similarities with Tarun, Sneha’s Priyamaina Neeku film. Inside talk is hero gets into possession of heroine’s diary and while reading he gets attracted to heroine’s attitude and goes in search of the heroine.

The film’s story has unexpected twists and turns to attract viewers. This is the first film for Anupama Parameswaran after Rakshasudu. Sukumar according to sources is making few changes to the old story itself. Palnati Surya Pratap of Kumari 21F is directing the film.

It is known that films for which Sumukar is lending a helping hand directly or indirectly are turning hits. Under these circumstances, it has to be seen how Nikhil, Anupama Parameswaran’s 18 Pages will perform at the box office?


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