How promises landed Ramanaidu in losses


Promises and giving words will land people in trouble and celebrities are no exception. D.Ramanaidu, owner of Suresh Productions suffered losses due to his promise. It is known that Ramanaidu is credited with many directors and actors to the industry.

ANR< Vanisri’s hit film Secretary was directed by Ramanaidu’s father KS.Prakash Rao. In the film’s 100 days celebrations, Kaikala Satyanarayana said under the Ramanaidu banner even if a film with him as a hero is made, it will be a super hit. Ramanaidu at once responded saying “if you want to become a hero, inform me, I will make a film”. Though Ramanaidu forgot these words, Satyanarayana remembered and in a press meet announced that he is starring in Ramanaidu’s banner as a hero.

Similarly, when Tamil actor Nagesh started giving advice to newcomer Boina Subbarao, Ramanaidu casually said “don’t trouble the debutante. If you want to become a director, I will give you chance in my banner”. Nagesh took his words seriously and narrate a story to Ramanaidu and requested him a chance.

Ramanaidu in order to keep his promise produced Moratodu with Satyanarayana as hero and Nagesh as the director. But for some reason, the film bombed at the box office leaving Ramanaidu with 5 lakhs losses. Ramanaidu used to remark that his promise price was Rs 5 lakhs.


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