Driving Licence getting complicated


Tollywood filmmakers and stars are showing a lot of interest in remaking hit Malayalam films. Mega Power Star Ram Charan for bowled by Malayalam film Driving Licence and acquired the film’s remake rights. From then on speculation increased as to who would star in the remake.

Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s name did rounds and mega fans got super excited. But that rumour fizzled out. Now reports are coming that Ram Charan who is producing the film concluded that the film’s characters do not suit any of the heroes from the mega compound and so he is planning to produce the film with the actor outside the mega camp. 

Now all eyes are on who could be that hero. When the news of the Driving Licence remake came, rumours spread that Mass Raja Raviteja will be the hero. The comedy scenes in the film suit Raviteja. It has to be seen which hero will get a Driving Licence. 


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