Did three stars missed Bimbisara


Kalyan Ram who is known for his penchant for experimentation announced his new project Bimbisara. The intense look of Kalyan Ram as Bimbisara attracted the attention of all.

In the meantime, reports are coming that three stars missed Bimbisara before the project went to Kalyan Ram. Among them, two are young heroes and another hero is struggling for a hit.

Mallidi Venu has been trying his best to make his debut as a director. A film was launched with him as director and Allu Sirish as a hero. Allu Aravind planned to produce the film with a historical backdrop on his Geeta Arts banner. But the project got shelved even before it went to the sets.

Rumors spread that budget constraints were the reason. Mallidi Venu went on to narrate stories to young heroes Nitin and Ram but nothing worked out. Allu Sirish at that time told that the film’s story had 100years of history and reports came that the makers planned to erect extravagant sets. However, due to budget constraints, the project was shelved.

Mallidi Venu continued his trials and finally, he got his project okayed with Kalyan Ram. in the meantime he changed his name to Vasisht. Movie lovers wonder whether Bimbisaar is the same story that he narrated to Allu Sirish. Some say there are similarities in his story narrated to Allu Sirish. More clarity may come in the coming days.


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