Desirable Person: PR’s Conspiracy Against Ram Charan


A media house named ‘Hyderabad Samayam’ (name changed) releases Desirable people’s list every year. A top hero of Tollywood would buy ‘number one’ place every year paying a fatty cheque to the media house. Since he found there is no use with this silly list, he stopped paying the money thus got himself excluded from the list. However, the most crazy stars of Tollywood would always stay away from the silly list of desirable people by ‘Hyderabad Samayam’. 

Meanwhile, ‘Hyderabad Samayam’ released its latest list of desirable people. Actually, mega fans don’t wish their hero’s name to be included in the list. But then, a PR of another star hero reportedly gave Rs.40 lakh to the media house of which Rs.20 lakh for the better rank of his hero and Rs.20 lakh to keep Ram Charan’s place next to that hero.

But then, why did another star’s PR give money to the media house for Ram Charan’s place included in the list? According to inside talk, another hero is not very much known to the people of most other states of India. Since that other hero requires attention from them, the PR of that star is working very hard to degrade Ram Charan with various strategies. 

Thankfully, Icon Star Allu Arjun is not given a prominent place in the list else the list could have got a bit authenticity. Meanwhile, ‘COMEDY LOVERS’  are wholeheartedly enjoying the names included in the top ten list, at the moment.


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