Chiru Charity: Andhra Prabha Tight Slap to AP Media


Most of the Telugu media, particularly TDP’s yellow media, is full of ‘Kula Gajji’ and ‘Biased Politics’. They don’t have ethics, shame and moral values in reporting the genuine news to the readers. 

At last, there is one media house which not only elevated Megastar Chiranjeevi’s mega charity but also questioned the dual standards of most other media houses of Telugu states. 

As we know, none of the newspapers and TV channels gave importance to Chiranjeevi’s gigantic move of establishing oxygen banks for the needy patients who are suffering from covid and other respiratory diseases. 

One of the reputed newspapers of Telugu states, Andhra Prabha published the charity of Chiranjeevi in detail under the banner heading, ‘MEGA SEVA SUSAMPANNA’. The newspaper reports Chiranjeevi incurred 25 to 30 crores to establish oxygen banks in all districts of Telugu states. Chiranjeevi hasn’t confined his charity just to send oxygen cylinders and concentrators but also makes those banks produce the oxygen instantly which require even more expenditure. 

Reporting the mega social service, the newspapers also questioned other media houses for not publishing the news in mainstream media houses. “These media people gave a lot of space for Sonu Sood’s charitable works. And the same media flattered Reliance and Megha companies when they announced donations to the needy. But then, why this hatred against Chiranjeevi? Perhaps, they are threatened by Chiranjeevi though he is not doing politics. One must encourage the people who come up with charitable works as they may take more initiatives for people’s welfare. But then, these media houses merely ignored this social responsibility and showed hatred for Chiranjeevi. However, Chiranjeevi has crores of fans. He is the only hero in India to have the highest number of fans. All their blessings will do great favour to him,” the newspaper opined. 

Chiranjeevi, who is impressed with Mutha Gopalakrishna, the owner of Andhra Prabha, rang him up and thanked him. Mutha said he understood the anguish of crores of fans and that’s why, let the banner article published in his newspaper. The conversation audio of Mutha and Megastar went viral in social media and Whatsapp groups.


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