Chiranjeevi Takes a Dig at Ramoji Rao, YCP MLAs?


Megastar Chiranjeevi and former MLA and minister Mutha Gopalakrishna’s conversation audeo has gone viral on net and Whatsapp groups and turned out to be the hot discussion point. 

Interestingly, Megastar, who usually never slams at others, appeared to have taken a dig at Ramoji Rao, YCP MLAs and biased media. 

As is known, reputed newspaper Andhra Prabha published a lengthy report on Chiranjeevi‘s Oxygen Bank with a banner heading. As a token of gratitude, Chiranjeevi made a phone call to the newspaper’s owner Mutha Gopalakrishna and thanked him. 

During their conversation, Chiranjeevi said, “Of course, the media can be biased, but then, I was deeply hurt when the truth itself was written bitterly.” Here, Chiranjeevi targeted Ramoji Rao, clearly. But why?

Ramoji Rao felt extremely jealous of Chiranjeevi‘s unimaginable charitable act. And this act put a demand on Ramoji to donate thousands of crore from his lakhs of properties to the needy. 

Unable to digest Chiranjeevi‘s charity, Ramoji Rao wrote in his Eenadu, Oxygen scarcity is being ended and the cylinders cost is also slashing down. And just beneath this article, he reported Chiranjeevi‘s blood bank launch in some districts. How is this gesture understood? Ramoji tried to convey the message that even if Chiranjeevi starts oxygen banks they are not that much useful to the patients. Heights of stupidity, ideotical and hatred! The advantage of oxygen banks for the needy does not just confine to covid disease but then, for many other diseases connected to lungs. So the need for oxygen cylinders and concentrators is inevitable. That’s what Ramoji must understand. 

In another exchange, Mutha said MLAs and MPs should have thanked ChiranjeeviChiranjeevi spilled the beans on MLAs attitude here. “They are cowards. They work with a lot of fear under the government.” Yes, it’s true. Even today, more than 100 MLAs of the YCP won’t dare to meet Jagan Reddy directly. In such a case, how can they thank Chiranjeevi?


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