Bollywood actress bats for the demand to change India’s name to Bharat


The Manikarnika actress Kangana Rounath has put forth a new demand that India’s name should be changed to Bharat. Kangana said, Britishers named the country India and termed the name as a slave name.

Kangana Ranaut took to photo and video sharing platform Instagram and elaborated on how Britishers, who ruled us, named the country based on the Indus River. India refers to the east of the Indus River, she maintained in the Instagram stories.

The country’s name should be changed from India to Bharat, Kangana said. She said the name Bharat name was derived from Sanskrit words, BH, Ra, and Ta, which means Bhav, Rag, and Tal respectively.

In her story, Kangana Ranaut shared a picture that reads: ‘Your Sanksruti is your true identity. Never shy away from practicing it’.

While a section of netizens is supporting the bold actress over the new post, another section of netizens is slamming the Queen actress for sharing such a post to demand the change in the name of the country.


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