Balakrishna’s take on Anandaiah’s corona medicine


Self proclaimed Ayurvedic doctor Anandaiah from Krishnapatnam, Andhra Pradesh few days back started distributing ayurvedic medicine for free claiming to be treatment for corona virus. People thronged to collect the medicine and those who revealed said the medicine had a magical effect saving them from the dire straits. 

However, Andhra Pradesh government started an inquiry and stopped Anandaiah from distributing the medicine till the report is out. In the meantime Balakrishna speaking about Anandaiah medicine came in support of him. He said ‘ I have faith. Everything believes on faith and without prayer there is no religion and without religion there is no human being. I believe Anandiah’s medicine because there are many great doctors. Before Christ there was a doctor called Sushanka. Even now his name is there in Royal College of Surgery in Melbourne, Australia”

Even Jagapathy Babu supported Anandaiah. He said nature came forward to save the mankind and expressed confidence that Anandaiah’s medicine will get permission from the authorities. 


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