Balakrishna Speech & Rama Dandakam Review


Natasimham Nanamuri Balakrishna has come up with yet another experiment. Previously, he crooned for the classic ‘Shiva Shankari’ which received weird responses. This time, on the occasion of late NTR’s birth anniversary, Balakrishna lent his voice for ‘Sri Rama Dandakam’. He delivered a little speech on NTR before reciting dandakam. Here is the review of Balakrishna’s speech and Dandakam. 

REVIEW ON BALAYYA SPEECH: Balakrishna, as usually, went overboard with extra superlatives in praising his late father. Particularly, the phrase ‘Telugu Vaari Vennupoosa’ appeared too eerie to hear. Meanwhile, a mispronunciation of the word ‘Thaarasthayi’ as ‘Thyaraasthayi’ is noticed in his speech. Balakrishna needs to mouth Telugu vocabulary without any mistakes. 

REVIEW ON SRI RAMA DANDAKAM: Balakrishna vocalized the toughest Telugu and Sanskrit mixed vocabulary with several mispronounced words crept in. ‘MAHADHEERA’ was chanted as ‘MAHAADEERA’, ‘NIKHILA’ was chanted as ‘NIKILA’, ‘KHANDANA’ as ‘KANDANA’ and ‘RUDHIRAJALA’ as ‘RUDIRAJALA’. He chants one particular line as ‘SAMUCHITHA KERATHALA’. Couldn’t not get any clue what’s meant by ‘KERATHALA’ here. 

OTHER CRITICISMS: Balakrishna’s voice is not so sweet as a singer. There’s no melody in his raaga. 

FANTASTIC WORK BY EDITING DEPARTMENT: Needless to say it’s one of the finest works of editing. Balakrishna has given gaps between every single or double lines. But the editing department has done a fabulous job joining all those lines systematically. In short, the editing department is something like ‘Kinemaster Kaa Baap’.


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