‘Baahubali’ Makers Coming Up With Small Films & Serials. Why?


‘Arka Media Works’ produced ‘Baahubali’ series which is the biggest motion picture in India. The two films took the box-office by storm and the second part alone minted over 1000 crores which explains the magnitude of its success. After such a huge project, one would expect ‘Arka Media Works’ to bankroll high-budget projects one after the other but the scenario is completely different.

They are making small and medium films lately. They are producing ‘Pelli SandaD’ which has Srikanth’s son playing the lead actor. It is made by Raghavendar Rao. Last year, they bankrolled ‘Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya’ which is a remake of a Malayalam film. It is a small but good film with Satyadev as the lead. Apart from these two films, they are producing a television serial named ‘Suvarna Sundari’.

Many are surprised by this and people are wondering about the reason behind it. While some say that the profits from ‘Baahubali’ have not ended up in their pockets, others say that the production house is yet to claim some overflows. Currently, they are maintaining a low profile by making such small projects but reports suggest that they may give a comeback soon.


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