A Bill To Protect Documented Dreamers Tabled In Us Senate!


big move in providing citizenship for the children of the visa holders in the United States, a new bill was tabled in the United States Senate on Wednesday. The bill titled The America’s Children Act was tabled in the Senate by senators who represent Democratic Party and the Republican party.If the new bill gets into effect, it will benefit the children of the visa holders who hold H-1B, L-1, E-1, and E-2 Visas. As the Indians form the major share of foreigners who prefer the United States as a place to settle in, the bill would benefit the Indian-Americans.As per the current procedure, documented dreamers, the term used to call the children of the visa holders will won’t be able to enjoy the immigrant status after attaining the age of 21. The procedure might be changed once the ‘The America’s Children Act’ gets into effect.The existing procedure says that after the Documented dreamers reach 21, their dependent status of H-4 will be stripped off. Due to this, the major share of dreamers faces a lot of issues as they would have to change their visa status to an international student visa from the dependent one.The dreamers would have two more options under the procedure. Either they have to return to their home nation or they would have to take up any job so that they can get the H-1B visa or other visas.The new bill that was introduced in the Senate by Senators Alex Padilla and Rand Paul who represent Democratic Party and the Republican party respectively aims at showing a way to allot permanent residency for the dreamers.In order to obtain permanent residency under the new bill, the dreamers should have resided for ten years. The ten years include completing four years of stay in the United States under the dependent visas.While tabling the new bill, Senator Alex Padilla addressed the house. During his address, he said that the intention behind bringing the bill is to see those who consider the United States as their home by residing for a major share of their life in the country. No one should face the punishment for the mistakes done by the government in the issuance of the visas, he said.


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