150+ Crore! Chiranjeevi Biggest Ever Donor from Indian Cinema


Megastar Chiranjeevi’s unprecedented charitable act with the establishment of oxygen banks in all districts of Telugu states and yellow media’s jealous gesture on Chiranjeevi’s philanthropic activity turned a hot discussion point, lately. 

In this framework, some authentic observers and analysts have come up with a sensational fact. They have adjudged that Chiranjeevi is the biggest ever donor from Indian film industry with his charitable acts worth more than Rs.150 crore.

According to them, Chiranjeevi has been running blood and eye banks since 1998. Right now, an estimated cost for maintenance of blood bank is Rs.6 crore per annum. Considering current prices for maintenance and the previous prices, Chiranjeevi might have incurred more than Rs.80 crore for blood and eye banks so far from his hard earnings. 

Chiranjeevi is buzzed to have spent Rs.30 crore just for establishment of oxygen banks in all districts. The amount is set to be escalated to Rs.50 crore for procuring the needy material and for maintenance. 

Besides, Chiranjeevi has kept on extending his helping hand to the victims of natural disasters for the past four decades. To sum up, Chiranjeevi might have donated more than Rs.150 crore from his own earnings, lifetime. 

Incidentally, Chiranjeevi ‘s contemporary legends neither Amitabh Bachchan nor Rajinikanth, spent even half of Chiranjeevi ‘s donations. 

As per records, no actors and technicians contributed that extend as Chiranjeevi incurred for social service in the history of 90 years of Indian cinema.

Sonu Sood spent Rs.15 to 20 crores from his own pockets. Later, he has been contributing to his best through the funds raised from various sources. 

All in all, Chiranjeevi stands as the biggest ever donor from Indian cinema. As clear records are found for all his charitable acts, it can also be treated officially.


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