Why Public Money for Kathi? Official YCP Worker? Why Not for Them?


The AP government showed immense affection and sympathy towards controversial personality Kathi Mahesh. It is a known news that Kathi met with a road accident some time ago and sustained severe injuries. 

On Friday, the AP government released Rs.17 lakh public money from the CMRF deposits towards Kathi’s treatment charges. 

Here, the million dollar question is that why has the government exhibited that much abundant love on Kathi? Is that love due to Kathi abusing Gods or due to Kathi using filthy language on Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan? Or else, Had Kathi got the biggest achievement in his life that made people proud? 

Okay! If that much public money is released just for sympathetic grounds, why hasn’t the government released single paise to Sugali Preethi’s family? Why wasn’t any financial assistance to lakhs of private teachers across the state?  Many poor people are facing financial crisis due to the spread of covid. Why no CMRF grants for them? Many people are dying in road accidents everyday? Why no CMRF funds for them? 

One thing is clear. Kathi, who unofficially worked for the YSRCP all these days, has now been made an official worker of the YSRCP. Let him come for debates, henceforth. He will be treated as the YCP activist but not a critic. 

Thankfully, the YSRCP government, itself, has to disclose Kathi is their party’s activist. 

As such, it’s evident a few more psychic personalities are working for a party! 


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