What Is Going On In Rajamouli’s Mind Right Now?


The entire Tollywood planned 2021 perfectly by announcing all the release dates. But the second wave of Coronavirus has turned everything upside down. All the films including big, medium and small are stuck in the boxes and the shootings of many films have been stalled.

While all the big films have postponed their release dates officially, everyone are eager to know what is running in Rajamouli’s mind. His magnum opus ‘RRR’ was expected to come out on October 13th but the second wave of Coronavirus has pushed everything backward. The shootings are not happening right now.

No one knows when ‘RRR’ is going to release next if it gets postponed. The heroes don’t know anything and so does the producer DVV Danayya. It is up to the Rajamouli and he has to decide how to take things forward. As we know, NTR recently tested positive for the Covid-19 virus and he may not be available for at least another month or so.

Insiders claim that there are chances are ‘RRR’ being pushed all the way back to summer 2022. If Rajamouli & Co make their plans clear, the other filmmakers will decide accordingly.


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